SAP Business One Features

SAP Business One is an "off-the-shelf" product offered by Cognitive. It is an affordable and integrated resource management solution, for Small and Midsize business.

It provides increased profitability with new levels of control, requires low maintenance. SAP B1 provides a true and unified view of operations across Customer Relationship Management, Finance, Sales, Production, and Human Resource.

A comprehensive business management solution which supports every critical business function, allowing you to stay on top of your business and grow profitability.

Its wide range of innovative functionality includes features such as:

  • Real time enterprise information
  • Simple Single Server Architecture
  • Access to precise, Up-to-the-Minute information
  • An affordable, easy to implement solution - Reduced time and cost of implementation
  • Easy customization to meet client-specific requirements and changing business conditions
  • Work flow based alerts to monitor and take action accordingly
  • Exception management
  • Strong dealer network across the country for sales and support

Sales and service partner for SAP B1 in India provides the following Implementation Services:
  • Product Installation
  • Mapping client business processes to SAP B1
  • Identifying gaps and customize accordingly
  • Training
  • Data migration
  • Go live and suppor