Online Promotion

Online marketing is essential for the success of your online business.

Yet many people get a website up and running then forego their web marketing. Then they are surprised when their website doesn't get the results they wanted! Your online business is no different to any other business it needs to be marketed to search engines, to achieve higher rankings, increased traffic and more sales, and promoted via online advertising and social media opitmisation so people know about you and can find your site.

Perhaps you are getting people to your site but your visitors are not converting into sales? Just a small increase in conversions can mean significant increases in the returns you get from your website. This is where the services of an online marketing consultant can prove a sound return on investment.

With our advanced real-time website traffic tracking and statistics engine it is possible to easily track website traffic: number of people who visits the site, number of returning visitors, how people find the site, search engines people utilize to reach different pages, what keywoCognitive people type, their countries, browsers, operating systems, IP addresses, and much more useful information. PHP source codes and MySQL database scheme included.

Our online marketing consultants can help you increase the results you get from your website.

Eight easy steps for successful online marketing and website marketing

Search Engine Optimization- keyword targeting, web design, web development, web content and link building to increase your search engine rankings and drive your target audiences to your site.

Pay Per Click Advertising - online advertising to increase brand exposure, traffic and conversions.

Social Media Advertising - advertising through social media networks like Facebook to increase your websites presence among your target audiences.

Social Media Strategy- marketing within social media networks to put you in touch with new customers and increase traffic to your website.

SEO Copywriting-online marketing so your customers understand what you are offering them.

Search Engine Marketing-web marketing so that your customers are converted into sales.

Online Reputation Management- managing your online reputation through monitoring social media, blogs, news media and reviews, ensuring your customers get the right view of your business.

Web Metrics-so you can make the most of the statistics collected by your website to improve your business and conversion rates.