IT & Telecommunication

Industries such as IT and telecommunication face rapid obsolescence due to constantly evolving technology. It is crucial for IT and telecom corporations to reassess strategies and optimally utilize innovative technologies to gain a competitive edge that clearly differentiate our services and offerings.

Winning in today's telecom environment requires companies to protect their core business while pursuing innovation and improving operational effectiveness. Cognitive ERP solution successfully enables companies to remain technologically viable and seize market opportunities as they arise.

Business Needs

The industry operates at a very hectic pace to remain competitive with international regulations, address the demands of clients, provide latest communication technology and increase profitability.

The need of the hour for the telecom sector is an ERP solution which promotes streamlining of the process and improves overall improvement in the functioning of any telecom company. The ERP for this sector is more complex due to continual advancements in the technology which directly affects the requirements making them prone to changes.

Our Competency

Cognitive proven experience and vast knowledge in the telecom sector has been effective in developing an ERP solution crafted precisely to provide better control over business.

Cognitive Compu Solutions has handled a wide variety of assignments for IT and telecom industry, as well as market research consultants in these industries.

Cognitive Compu Solutions is equipped with a highly skilled team of domain experts who are capable of seamlessly merging business and a wide range of technologies forming them into valuable competitive intelligence insights.

  • Real time integration throughout the organization
  • In-built features like online payments, calculation of discounts and rewards to the customers, calculating cost of products/services/facilities like V0IP
  • In depth financial and performance visibility
  • Integration and inter-communication made easy