ERP Implementation

Organizational processes fall into three levels - strategic planning, management control and operational control. ERP implementation facilitates operational coordination and control across functional departments; it also benefits strategic planning and management control directly or indirectly

  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Facilitation of Day-to-Day Management
  • Support in Strategic Planning
  • Streamlining processes
  • Optimization of revenue systems
  • Readymade solution for most of the problem
  • Better analysis and planning capabilities
  • Faster response time to customer queries
  • Improved customer goodwill and customer satisfaction
  • Enable inter organization collaboration
  • Integration of all functions already established
  • Easy enterprise wide information sharing with seamless integration in all business processes
  • Automatic adaptation to new technology

Cognitive does not let you feel the associated challenges like support, upgrades, and integration with other systems

Whether it is the choice of ‘mixing and matching’ software modules e.g. production and CRM systems from SAP, a financial management package from Oracle and a human resources management package from PeopleSoft; Whether it is isolated business software packages or a complete ERP system, we know that at the end of the day, it is about improving operations and the overall financials. The ultimate test of the solution or a combination is our headache and responsibility.

ERP provides clients access to real-time business information vital to their business. Cognitive has an extensive experience in ERP implementation and in extending ERP functionality. We have developed capabilities in architecting scalable and adaptive customer solutions, which support incremental, enhancement with built-in modularity. Cognitive’s ERP implementation approach and methodologies speed up delivery time and ensures the quality of implementation. It is ensured that the implementation solutions seamlessly integrate applications across disparate platforms and technologies being used by the organization..

We offer expertise across functional boundaries in a packaged suite implementation or integration of diverse and distributions systems within or across the extended enterprise which includes Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Core Expertise and Solutions offered:

  • ERP Implementations- Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP Business One
  • CRM Implementation - Siebel CRM and SAP B1 CRM

We follow the standard Software Development Life Cycle for ERP implementations. Our value-added services for ERP Practice include the following:

  • ERP Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Upgrade and Migration
  • Application Care/Support.