A sustainable energy future demands efficient and smart utilization of energy resources to minimize its consumption with proper waste management and lays emphasis on its renewal within the geologic time spans.

Corporate organizations nowadays are demanding up-to-date and affordable enterprise systems solutions to address the growing need for a safer environment and to be in compliance with corporate environmental initiatives. These solutions must help companies meet the increasing regulatory demands, and to address all crucial business issues along with other sustainability challenges which have financial implications linked to carbon and energy use.

Cognitive Compu Solutions helps organizations and government agencies understand how their environmental performance impacts their business, through their effective, Economic and Innovative Environmental solutions. These solutions provide enterprise-wide access and availability in real-time to assist in measuring, managing and reporting environmental data and performance.

Our global environmental consulting solutions pull all the threads of sustainability together and integrate them into a unified, sustainable complete solution. We provide consulting for environmental planning, resolution, and how to find solutions for your situation.


  • Robust centralized database to handle different core environmental data, with built in validation and quality control processes that reduce the time, cost and risk
  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and deliver the benefits faster and more efficiently
  • Verifiable data collection and estimation methods for trustable key data and information
  • Automated and easily integrable to reduce the manual inefficiency